Historical Background

The story of the municipality of San Narciso had its beginning from the stories surrounding the villeges of Obuyon as its principality.

Here is the story how it started. A petition was presented by the village of Maayas-as on March 5, 1845 to the authorities in Manila especially to the Governor General stating that it was their desire to have the principality transferred from Obuyon to Maayas-as. Their reason was the village of Maayas-as was centrally located between the three villages and therefore it will be easier to the people to congregate there immediately. When the leaders of Obuyon knew this matter they also presented a counter petition saying that is will be a great mistake to transfer the principality because of the following reasons: 1) Obuyon haws the required school building to house the community; 2) it has the necessary building that is required of a principality; 3) It has the necessary and qualified men to run the local government. These petition were given due attention by Governor Genral Narciso Claveria in 1846. He boarded the steamship Paula Regente form Obuyon to see for himself the real situation of the case. Upon reaching the place and made ocular inspection he finally concluded that the town should be established not in any villages but in the present site of what is known San Narciso. This change was contained in the decree which he proclaimed when he returned to Manila. The decree was sent to the parochial priest of the principality, Rev. Fr. Francisco Mendieta San Buenaventura, who was given the authority to convince the people of Obuyon, Maayas-as and Sugbong-cogon to transfer to the new site. Upon suggestion of the leaders of Obuyon the name given to the locality was San Narciso in honor of Governor General Narciso Claveria who visited the place.

As a result of the new order of the Governor General, about sixty families from Obuyon transferred to the place without protest. From Maayas-as about forty families also transferred. The people of Sugbong-cogon requested the Governor General that they be given the freedom to stay in San Andres because said place is much nearer that of San Narciso. About one hundred families more or less founded the new community known as San Narciso.

The Roman Catholic church made great contribution to the founding of the new site. Rev. Fr. Francisco San Buenaventura and seventeen more priest took good care of the town of San Narciso from 1886 to 1990. Ten years after the population rose a hundred to six thousand. Many of them are farmers, carpenters, fisherman and weavers.

The political set up of San Narciso begun as a district of Mulanay under a councilor. This situation run for several years. In 1912, a petition was presented by Mr. Pelagio Nieva representative of the second district of Tayabas, presented the petition and the same was granted without much Governor General.

The first president of the municipality in 1913 was Mr. Pelagio Fontanilla followed by Mr. Gaudencio Medenilla, Mr. Pio Aquino succeeded Mr. Medenilla and he was re-elected twice. In 1934 Mr. Gregorio Roadilla, Sr. was elected president. All these men contributed much in making the town progressive. Changes were wrought by World War II, new set of leaders were born. They are Deogracias Z. Argosino, Jr., Samuel Allarey, Melecio Ramos and Miguel Fontanilla. Immediately after liberation Mr. Gaudencio Medenilla assumed the mayor ship and got re-elected in 1951. In the elections of 1955 a young lawyer, Atty. Godofredo M. Tan was elected Municipal Mayor and was re-elected in 1959. In the short span of his administration several projects have been introduced namely: the construction of Sabit Causeway, maintenance of municipal streets, seawall, improvement of Mabilog Court, Municipal Building, construction of parapets, barrio schools, installation of artesian wells and many others.

In the 1963 local elections, another young promising man and a business magnate in his own right, Mr. Domingo M. Reyes, was elected and maintained discipline in the police force.

In 1967, a staunch party man, Mr. Aguinaldo C. Fontanilla, was elected Municipal Mayor. Upon assumption to office he kept his administration machine working. He improved the working condition of his subordinates by giving salary increases. He also increased collection of taxes, fees, and licenses and in 1970 the 6th class category of the municipality become 4th class. The municipal building was repainted, constructed concrete fence around the municipal hall  beautified the Municipal Park, concreted streets in Poblacion as well as in Abuyon and constructed more pre-fabricated school.

In 1971, a new face and first in the history of San Narciso, a woman was elected mayor, she was Mayor Zoila Tan, “Sosing” Medenilla Tan, wife of Congressman Godofredo M. Tan of the second District of Quezon. Unfortunately, she ruled the government for only 4 months and five days, too short to accomplish her mission but too long enough to be remembered by her people, due to her untimely on May 6, 1972.

Then elected Vice Mayor Aguinaldo Fontanilla assumed office on the account of the said death. His  accomplishments during his 1968-1971 administration was surpassed by his new program of government under the New Society. However, his leave of absence was signed by the Prime Minister and President on July 29, 1977 and a young and noble businessman was appointed Municipal Mayor, he was Mayor Juanito K. Uy. Mayor Uy got elected in 1980 by a convincing margin. During his administration he has initiated numerous development projects such as: construction of the Municipal Building, Public Market, Municipal Hospital, School Building, Barangay Roods, Concreting of Municipal Streets and Culverts and Installation of barangay Waterworks. Salaries and allowances of officials and employees were increased.

Among the significant activities attributed to the much Power 0f 1986 is the appointment of Mr. Jesus R. Cortez as Officer-in-Charge in the Office of the Municipal Mayor on April 23, 1986. OIC Cortez tried his best to be a good public administrator up to last minute of his tenure of office.

In the 1988 elections, Mayor Juanito K. Uy was again elected with unconstable lead. He was sworn to Office on February 2, 1988, after which he started his development oriented staff moving to a more progressive direction. More infrastructure projects were constructed such as: concreting of roads, box culverts & open lined canals, construction of Public Toilet, spring development projects, installation of numerous jetmatic pumps, distribution of athletic supplies for development, construction of batud-bani - San Isidro, Andres Bonifacio-Villa Aurin and Binay-Busokbusokan-San Vicente Barangay Roads, construction of public and school buildings and improvement of municipal waterworks.

With these incomparable accomplishments his constituents are expending for more.

During the administration of President Corazon C. Aquino, national and local elections were held in 1988. Mayor Juanito K. Uy was elected municipal mayor. During  elections on May 11, 1992. he once again imitated various development projects among of which were the improvement of barangay water supply and spring developments of Barangay San Juan and Guinhalinan. He likewise prioritized the improvement of the Poblacion Municipal Waterworks by way of replacing the old Asbestos Type Tubes to plastic Emerald Pipe Tubes (Moldex). Mayor Uy also increased the salaries and allowances of municipal officials and employees to make them efficient and productive. Infrastructure and other development projects for the welfare of the populace were also build.

During the 1995 national census, the population of this municipality totaled 13,535. In this year’s elections, former Assemblyman Godofredo M. Tan filed his candidacy for the mayoralty race but Mayor Juanito K. Uy won the electoral contest. He was again instrumental for big changes like the construction of municipal annex building purchase of heavy equipments and construction of various infrastructure projects particularly farm to market roads, electrification of barangays and other amenities now being enjoyed by the constituents.

During the May 11, 1998 elections, Joseph Ejercito Estrada was elected President of the Republic of the Philippines. This time, a young talented and energetic businessman was elected mayor of San Narciso in the person of Mayor Victor A. Reyes, the son of former Mayor Domingo M. Reyes with Vice Mayor Eleanor U. Uy, the wife of former Mayor Juanito K. Uy, as his successful running mate. Since his assumption on July 1, 1998, he created and supported the multifarious government projects and program like the Clean & Green Project, campaign against drug abuse, bantay-Dagat, environmental management, peace and order, and other uncomparable accomplishments his constituents are expecting of him.

January 2000, the unforgettable second (2) Edsa Revolution and People Power 2 was declared his Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo hereby the President of the Republic of the Philippies. The energetic Mayor Victor A. Reyes has not worried and more enormous changes was organized like the first Agro Industrial Fair or Unang (1) Bali Gunita ng mga larong San Narciso like Huego de Anillo and many more. He supported the National Census of Calendar Year 2000 with a total population of 38,008.

On May 11, 2001, the time of Philippine election in which Senator Governor Congressman and local candidates will be selected by the people. However in the town of San Narciso, Quezon, another prominent figure took the risk of getting the Mayoral position against Mayor Victor A. Reyes. But the people favored Mayor Vic Reyes to still lead and continue with his mission and service with the public. He launched another project reminiscing the planting of vegetables, rearing of animals like chickens, carabaos, etc. infrastructure of farms to market roads in the aim of promoting the agriculture. In the year 2002, with his intention, he continue to express his goal in making san Narciso, Quezon the number one town because of his frequent clean and green and fresher environment. The result of this made the town of San Narciso the number one Provincial Search for Cleanest and Greenest municipality and also leading and Best Performer in the regional Award Municipal Category B) in the year 2003. Clean and green project by the President.

On May 14, 2004 another national election was held and again Mayor Victor A. Reyes retained his mayoral position without any contender. He launched his next mission with objectives of “SAN NARCISO LET US CONTINUE TO BE THE NUMBER ONE”, This lead to another BEST PERFORMER (Municipal Category B) of the Clean and Green Project and on the River Category until the year 2005. Unexpectedly, the town was awarded as HALL OF FAME AWARDEE for CLEAN AND GREEN CONTEST and INLAND BODY OF WATER (River Category) in the whole province of Quezon.

In another area which concerns the improvement of the collection and distribution of water. Mayor Victor A. Reyes also successfully was able to launch another project with almost fifteen million pesos (P 15,000.00) funds was loaned or borrowed at the Land Bank of the Philippines. This project is presently ongoing.

In May 14, 2007, Mayor Eleanor U. Uy wife of former Mayor Juanito K. Uy was elected Mayor of San Narciso, Quezon together with Vice Mayor Raymond Nonnatus R. Medenilla and Sangguniang Bayan Members Hon Hernand A. Bamba, Hon Wendell U. Uy, Hon Marvin R. Sevilla, Hon Leonita A. Aurin, Hon Severino A. Marasigan, Hon Gomar V. Tan,  Hon Wilfredo G. Rivera at Hon Joseguerra C. Rivadulla. July 01, 2007 when Mayor Eleanor U. Uy formally took her position as the Municipal Mayor and also as the second lady mayor of this municipality. As she assumed her office, local constituents expected more improvements particularly in line with Participatory and Transparent Governance addressing development needs and constraints. Thus, making effective administration was became her priority concern. Aside from the collaborative effort of the Executive and Legislative section of the municipality regarding the implementation of the Clean and Green Program, more community development interventions was felt-need to be prioritized that drives for the San Narciso to be quoted “KALINISAN AT PROGRESO…ITO ANG SAN NARCISO”. At the first year of her service to end of Year 2010, Mayor Eleanor U. Uy implemented various infrastructure projects for different barangays and sitios or zones responding to daily basic needs of the community such as Basketball courts with goal post and ring at sitio Tinuk-an, Guinhalinan also, waiting sheds constructed.

Poblacion area with four (4) barangays was clothed with more colors and beauty by having Poblacion Roads and lined canals concreted and waiting sheds for the transporters. Covered Path Way and Comfort Room was constructed at San Narciso Municipal Cemetery for the convenience and comfort of visitors during all souls and saints day.

To accommodate the booming enterprise and economic activities in the municipality, a two-storey Public Market was constructed at Barangay Pagkakaisa. Other major infrastructure implemented during the term of service of Mayor Eleanor U. Uy was the improvement of the Leoncio Medenilla Memorial Covered Court. Two light house tower were constructed at Barangay Punta and Abuyon for the safety of local fisherfolk and also serves as a landmark for docking.

Some Social Development Related Projects were implemented. In support to children of Barangays in Poblacion and in Abuyon, a Play Grounds were developed and improved with safety and security assured. A low cost housing project in support of the indigent families particularly those who are within disaster vulnerable areas is being established at Barangay San Juan and Binay  in partnership with the Gawad Kalinga and the Department of Social Welfare and Development thru their Community Shelter Assistance Program. Local Government Offices and Building was also improved. Continues municipal financial assistance is also being granted to the barangays amounting to Php. 50,000.00 as support for their project implementation.

“El Pueblo De San Narciso” as an official publication of this municipality was launched together with some activities promoting San Narciso traditions such as the “Tuyo” Festival (Dried Fish), Mutya ng San Narciso and other development programs. Tourism was also given an emphasis. On her second year on service (July 01, 2008) Hon. Eleanor U. Uy implemented more infrastructure project on different barangays and on Poblacion. Social services and provision of support for this concern was not disregarded, day care services and extensions was established and institutionalized, Conditional Cash Transfer was facilitated and other hunger mitigation program and Family Enterprise for Livelihood Assistance. Agricultural assistance, production and marketing is also continuously assisted. Also this Local Government Unit conducts regular Farm to Market Road Maintenance for better agricultural produced transportation. Electrification program was also facilitated having QUEZELCO Director Phobelle Uy – Yap elected on the position.  

Let us temporary end but look forward to the continuous history and development of the town of San Narciso, Quezon.


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