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San Narciso was blessed for having various eye catching natural landscapes that are potentially identified for tourism activities and attractions. These resources are seen from the ridge and mountainous areas of the municipality flowing along rivers, falls and watersheds to marine and coastal seascapes. Man made infrastructures and parks built and arranged well added more spice on the beauty of this municipality.

Due to these eyes satisfying beauty of this municipality, local constituents called and classified this town as a hidden paradise. With a sense of encouraging other people from other places, San Narciso tagged and quoted as . . .


This Municipality celebrate its Town Fiesta every 1st day of the Month of May along with thankgiving and praises for St. Joseph, The Worker as its Patron Saint. During this celebration, socio-cultural activities are undertaken highlighting the cultures by having different presentations relative to Songs and Dance that was originally originated from this municipality such as the folk dance known as PANCHITA and a birthday song FELICIS MOMENTO these native cultural pieces serves as one among the valuable cultural pride and resource of this municipality.

Dos De Febreros, (February 02) a significant day for San Narciso residents as a time and day of constituting this locality as a municipality. During this event, different schools have their presentations resembling and fortraying San Narciso History having focussed on individuals and remarkabvle events for the youth of today for them to internalized and have appreciated its history.

San Narciso having most of the mojority of its residence believes on Roman Catholic religion also celebrate and have MORIONES FESTIVAL during the lenten season fortraying Christ’s life and Passion that runs for a week long duration beginning with the Holy Monday to Black Saturday.


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