Financial Documents

1st Quarter

Supplemental Procurement Plan 1st Quarter 2014

Bids Result 1st Quarter 2014

LDRRM Utilization 1st Quarter 2014

Manpower Complement 1st Quarter 2014
SEF Utilization 1st Quarter 2014
20% Utilization 1st Quarter 2014


Budget Message
Budget Resolution
Certified Statement of Income
Program by Offices 2013
BESF San Narciso, Quezon
SEF Income Expenditures Estimates 2013
Statement of Debt Service
Cash Flow of All Funds

1st Quarter

Supplemental budget 1stquarter2013

SEF Utilization-1st qtr2013

SCF-GF_1st quarter2013

SCF_TF-1st quarter2013

SCF_SEF-1st quarter2013
PDAF_1st quarter2013
5% Calamity Fund Expenses as of 1st Quarter
1st quarter_ITB_2013
Abstract of Bids_1stquarter2013
Abstract of bids1stquarter2013
Bid Result1stquarter2013

Notice of Award 1stquarter2013

2nd Quarter

Cash Flow - Trust Fund

Cash Flow - General Fund

Cash Flow - SEF

Computation PDAF 2013

20% Development Fund Utilization
Calamity fund Expenses as of 2nd Quarter
Schedule of debt service consultancy 2nd Quarter
Schedule of debt service public market 2nd Quarter
Schedule of debt service water system 2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

SEF Utilization 3rd Quarter

Statement of Debt Service

PDAF Utilization_ 3rd Quarter

5% Calamity Utilization for 3rd Quarter

20% 3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

20% Development Fund

5% Calamity Fund 4th Qtr

Cash Flow of all Funds 2013

Computation - PDAF 2013

SEF Utilization 4th Qtr 2013

Statement of Debt Service-2013

Statement of Receipts and Expenditures GF 2013

Cert of No Supplemental for the month of Dec2013

Cert of No Supplemental for the month of Nov2013

Cert of No Supplemental for the month of October2013

ITEMS TO BID 4th Quarter 2013

Bid Results Goods, Infra, Services 4th Qtr


1st Quarter

MONTHLY TB-1st qtr-2012

FS12-TRUST-1st. qtr

FS12-SEF(1st qtr)TB

FS12-TRUST-1st qtr-TB

FS12-SEF(1st. qtr.)


2nd Quarter

MONTHLY TB GF-2nd qtr-2012_2nd

MONTHLY TB GF-2nd qtr-2012_1st





4th Quarter

PDAF Utilization 2012

SEF Utilization

Statement of cash flows_Trust

Statement of cash flows_SEF

Statement of cash flows_GF
Statement of receipts and expenditures_sie consolidated
Statement of receipts and expenditures_SSF
Statement of receipts and expenditures_GF
Statement of debt service_water system

Statement of debt service_public market

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